The reasons you’re waking up with a sore neck

You are waking up with a sore neck because of the following reasons. You are sleeping in ways that are messing your neck muscles. You are not sleeping on your back or your side. Well, there are many ways that you could also create soreness on your neck when you sleep even if you are following the right format. This article sheds light on the reasons you’re waking up with a sore neck. Keep reading to find out more.

Why you may be waking up with a stiff neck

1. A stiff pillow is causing your pain in the morning

massageSore necks are painful for most people. A stiff or too soft pillow might be the culprit. If you have never considered this reason, then perhaps you need to. Studies show that people who have stiff and sore neck problems are also likely to be using stiff or too soft pillows, you can check out the best guide on the subject and you will realize that soft pillows are not good for your neck. This is true especially if you’re a side sleeper. They sleep on the hard or too soft surfaces at work or while on transit repeatedly and end up with a sore neck when they wake up.

2. You are sleeping in a cramped place

Small sleeping spaces force you to keep a single position throughout your nap. The positioning can feel great when you get on, but after a while, the crampiness begins. When this happens, you need to shift your position. However, the lack of space to turn forces you to sustain the bad position for several hours and that is why at the end of your trip or when you wake up, the neck and other parts of the body feel sore. You might even get a muscle pull pain on the neck as a result. Therefore, you should be careful when choosing positions on the bus or plane during long trips because you do not want to find yourself sleeping in a cramped space for too long.

3. Your mattress is giving in too much

Mattresses must allow a bit of flex. They should also stay firm so that your backbone and neck remain aligned throughout your sleep. A very soft mattress will lead to a curved posture of the backbone and a wavy format of the neck. Think of an imaginary straight line with little room for flexing and you will come to the right consideration for a good mattress. The soft part should only be for accommodating the skin and muscles, while the stiffness of the mattress keeps the weight of the body distributed evenly. The good mattress is the one that keeps you laying flat.bedroom

4. You are not getting enough rest

If you do not get enough rest, your body fails to rejuvenate itself. It fails to get adequate support from your habits to deliver a fresh you every time you wake up. The neck soreness is just one indicator of not getting enough sleep as it shows that muscles did not have adequate relaxation time. Consider spending less time during the day doing strenuous activities that affect your neck. Demanding work done during the day must correspond to lengthy deep sleep sessions for muscle recovery purposes.