Exercise for Burning Stubborn Fat

You are booked for a beach getaway in two months, and you have not started your way to your beach body? Thinking that you do not have enough money and time to enrol yourself for gym classes? Many of us have been having problems with removing those stubborn fats in different parts of our bodies. Hips, belly, thighs, and upper arms are the most common areas where we usually see fat deposits in our bodies.

Yes, these areas are typically the parts where fats are deposited, and they are hard to burn off. There are exercises, alongside with proper diet, that you must follow to get rid of those fat deposits. Drastic changes in your lifestyle and activities could lead to burnouts and possibly would drive you to quit instead of staying motivated.

Get rid of belly fat 2

What exercises will help you burn away those stubborn fats?

# 1 Burpees

This explosive workout works on different parts of our body and keeps different muscle groups continually moving at an intense rate. It is a combination of push-ups and jumping. It has to be done simultaneously and with multiple sets and repetitions.

# 2 Kettlebell swing

With this exercise, you manage to use off excess fat and tone your muscles in different areas. Using a kettlebell in between your bent knees and feet apart, swing the bell from between the legs to shoulder height while maintaining a straight arm.

# 3 Running

This is one of the most effective exercises that there is. Keeping our heart at a higher pace, excites your muscles to burn out more fat and tear down those stubborn energy reserves. This also tricks your body to burn more calories from fats and give off more energy to your body.

# 4 Stair climbing

Just like running, it works by exciting your heart and pushing it to pump more blood to your systems, thus increasing the metabolism of fats and stored energy. The only difference is that this works with more intensity due to the incline of the exercise area. With the use of stairs, you are pushing more calories out and use it as energy.

# 5 Weight Lifting

Our bodies tend to get used to their own body weight when we exercise more frequently, a way to avoid this is to use additional weights. These extra weights will not only increase your body’s tolerance but also it increases the burning capacity of your body. …