Command Your Sleep The Modern Way

When we come back home at the end of the day, the first place you head to is your room. You want nothing more than just to loosen up and lie in the comfort of your bed. This gives you a great sense of security as you strategize on your plans for the following day. However, all this sounds like a pipe dream if the comfort of your bed is compromised.

In this day and age, most of us are still not conversant with the methods used in choosing the best bedding. From the mattress all the way to the toppers, you need to literally watch your back. The security and safety of your spine lie in the bedding you choose to sleep on. Since a lot is compromised including your health, you may want to do all the research you want on everything to do with your bed.

First, you can begin with all the features you need to consider so as to make your work easier. Read in between the lines to avoid getting caught up in a messy day due to improper sleep.

Your pillows, your closest friends

sleeping with dogHugging a pillow is not just for kids who are scared of the dark. It is most ideal for anyone that needs a hug but has no one to give it to them. However, you can’t get that hug you badly want if your pillow doesn’t feel like a hug. A good pillow is the one that’s big enough for you to roll your head on in the middle of the night.

Also, a good pillow shouldn’t be too heavy for your head. It should be light enough to offer you comfort as you sleep at night. Your pillow should be your best friend because it absorbs all the tears that fall from your eyes at night.

Your ideal mattress

Right from a tender age, most of us have been duped into thinking that every mattress is okay. Wrong. Not every mattress is ideal for heavenly sleep and maximum comfort.

Here’s some clarification on this issue that gets us on our toes.

A healthy mattress should be firm enough to support the spine. If it sinks in when you lie on it, then it shows no potential in offering comfort.

Also, you should check on the size you buy. It’s supposed to accommodate your whole body when you sleep straight. Failure to acknowledging this will only leave your feet hanging when you go to sleep.

lady with blond hair

Harness your sleeping patterns

Your beauty sleep is entirely in your hands. There is so much you can do to make sure that you enjoy your sleep and that it’s not delayed. You can start by setting up a routine to which you must stick every day. For example, if you plan to be asleep by ten o’ clock then don’t let anything get in the way. Do all you have to do in good time and ensure that you are in bed by the said time. This way, your body will adapt, and no trace of insomnia will find its way into your bed.…

The importance of good sleep

Many of us work hard each day to achieve our dreams, take care of ourselves and families and also to save for the future. However, there are times where we just feel so tired after a long day and want to get a good nights sleep. However, sleeping sometimes doesn’t come that easy when you toss and turn and cannot fall asleep. It is even worse when you wake up with a terrible neck pain. Here are some tips that will help you sleep better.

The pillow

Many people do not realize the importance of having the right pillow. If girl sleepingyou have an old lumpy one, you will not be able to enjoy your sleep as it will not support your head, neck, and spine correctly.┬áSome of them include neck pain pillows, pregnancy pillows, side sleeper pillows and stomach sleeper pillows. Each of these are designed to match a person’s position when they sleep.

Having a light meal at night

At night your body needs to slow down so that it can repair itself for the next day. When you eat too much, your body needs to work overtime to digest that food which will not give it the opportunity to slow down and recuperate. DO not eat heavy meals at night, try something light and if you need to go out for dinner, do not go to bed for about three hours after you have eaten so that your body has time to digest the food.


Exercise can be done at any time during the day. If you perform about 10 minutes of exercise before you take a shower and go to bed, your body can digest any food faster and also you will fall asleep quicker too.
Do not overdo it though because you don’t want your metabolism being too high at night.

girl sleeping 2Drink some milk

Having a warm glass of milk before you go to bed has been shown to help you sleep better. It helps the body and mind relax, and you will not be woken up in the middle of the night.


The human body is a complicated machine, and it needs rest. While working hard is important so is rest. Give your body what it needs and you will not feel weak and tired the next day.…