5 Useful Dental Care Tips for a Healthy Mouth Cavity

The mouth cavity is essentially one of the most vital organs in the body. This is the reason why it should be accorded the necessary care. Proper dental care goes a long way in promoting good hygiene not only in the mouth but the body in general. With a healthy mouth, you can be assured to enjoy good health. By according your teeth and the mouth in general proper care, you make it possible for them to last a lifetime. The following tips are reliable in enabling you to promote good dental health. It is also recommended to check out dental care Baton Rouge – Tiger Smile Family Dentistry for professional help concerning your dental health.


Floss properly

Just like brushing the teeth, you should also ensure that you floss correctly so that you can reach between the teeth. This helps in removing germs in between the teeth and hence eliminating all agents that can trigger dental issues like decay and bad breath. When flossing the teeth, ensure you hold the floss in a way that it forms a C shape and flossing a back and forth motion.

Use the right toothpaste

The secret to having a healthy dental formula is also influenced by the type of toothpaste you are using. Toothpaste comes in different formulations with some being poorly formulated while others are of a high-quality hence superior formulation. For the best dental care, only settle on toothpaste brand that meets the set industry standards for toothpaste formulation and manufacture. The ingredients in the toothpaste should also be of the right dosage so that they are neither too much nor too low.

Use the right toothbrush

Most people do not use the right toothbrush and as such, end up hurting their jaws or not brushing the teeth effectively. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that you pick the right brush; one whose bristles and head are considerably small to reach every crevice of the molars and other teeth spaces where food debris hides after eating. Avoid buying a brush that has excessively hard bristles as they may end up hurting the gums.

Use a proper brushing technique

HYGIENE KITGiggling water in the mouth for a few seconds is not enough to remove the food particles and bacteria on the teeth. Instead, you should use an appropriate brushing technique so that you can brush the teeth thoroughly to remove any food particles or germs that may cause decay or bad breath. Move the brush through all corners of the mouth and overall the teeth including those at the farthest corner of the jaw.

Clean the brush and change it frequently

Dentists advise that you should not use one brush for years without changing it. Instead, you should use a toothbrush for a maximum of 4-5months. It helps in ensuring that your brush remains in a pristine condition so that it can clean the teeth effectively. In addition to this, it is crucial that you clean your brush thoroughly after use. This helps in preventing any likelihood of germs and bacteria forming in the brush due to any food particles left in the brush.…

5 Benefits of visiting a dentist regularly

According to dentists, you should visit a dentist at least twice a year. This number varies depending on individual oral health needs. People who are undergoing treatment will visit more times than those who only need regular oral check up. This is contrary to what many people think. We have been made to believe that hospital visits are only intended for the sick. However, as you will find out below, visiting the dentist regularly is very imperative and comes with many benefits.

Keep your overall body health in check

Good oral health contributes to your entire body health. In the same way, dental problems are known to contribute to diseases that affect other parts of your body. Bad oral health is known to affect your respiratory system, reproductive system and circulatory system resulting to diseases like heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease, pancreatic cancer and diabetes. Dr. Steven Klein DDS advises that a regular visit to the dentist will help keep these diseases at bay since your oral health will be great.

Keep your oral health in check

dentist A regular visit to the dentist will help keep your oral health in check and protect your from oral problems like toothaches, tooth decay and gum problems. According to Dr. Steven Klein DDS, when you visit a dentist, he performs a full dental check from which he can detect any dental problems in their early stage. From there, he can treat the small problem before it becomes serious. The dentist will also advice you on any bad habits that you need to stop that might affect your oral health like smoking and taking too many sweets among others.

To treat dental and gum diseases

It is reported that oral cancer affects 30,000 Americans every year. This is a disease that spreads fast and get serious within a short time. However, if it is detected early enough, it can be countered and maintained. Visiting a dentist early will help him detect oral cancer and other dental diseases. He can place you under treatment to prevent them from getting serious. In addition, the dentist will also be able to treat gum diseases which might be irreversible if they go for long without being treated.

To keep your teeth clean

Dr. Steven Klein DDS says that contrary to the belief that brushing and flossing your teeth keeps them clean, this is not enough since we are not professionals at doing this. A dentist is in a position to do more than what you can do on your own. He or she will floss and brush your teeth in the right way by removing plaque. The bacteria contained in plaque is responsible for gum diseases and cavities. A regular visit to the dentist will give him or her a chance to remove plaque and keep your teeth clean and healthy.

Boosts your confidence

smilingWhen your dental health is in check, your confidence is boosted since you are assured of being free of stained teeth and mouth. You can speak to people confidently and smile too. This is not the same case for someone with oral problems. It therefore pays to visit the dentist regularly since your confidence level will always be high.…

A mercury-free living enabled with safe removal of amalgam fillings!

Amalgam fillings are being widely used since a decade. However, research has identified mercury as an environmental hazard responsible for causing various diseases such as the Alzheimer’s disease, Minamata disease, kidney and brain damage and so on. Although the amount of mercury fillings in cavities and their subsequent release of vapor are too small to cause any significant harm. It is being recommended that removal of amalgam fillings must be considered and performed by expert dentists and staff in order to avoid further exposure to mercury 73

Amalgam fillings must be removed by cutting it out in large chunks rather than grinding it. This process, called chunking, will reduce exposure to amalgam. The entire process generates a large amount of heat and thereby causes the release of huge quantities of mercury vapor as well as minute amalgam particles. So, the filling must be constantly cooled by air and water during the full procedure. Apart from this, most mercury safe dentists prefer to use a suction system with the evacuator tip pointed towards the filling to absorb and eliminate the mercury vapors.

To protect the patient from breathing in mercury vapor, most dentists make use of a rubber dam. However, the rubber dam cannot be effective in all cases. Some patients find it uncomfortable during the procedure. Also, it takes too much time to incorporate the latex-built rubber dam into the patient’s mouth. Further, it is impossible to use the rubber dam for the third molar or wisdom-teeth. So, it is the dentists who best decide the use of rubber dam. A possible solution to prevent the patient from breathing in the mercury vapor is to provide the patient with an alternative source of air through the nose hood or a ventilation device. For better results, the patient must be instructed to concentrate breathing through the nose.

dentist 72Additional measures taken to avoid mercury contamination include covering the patient’s eyes, nose and skin with a protective barrier. The dentists and staff should use proper nitrile rubber gloves to prevent exposure to mercury vapors. After the procedure, an immediate clean up and disposal of the gloves, protective covering, rubber dam and other materials should be performed. The patient’s mouth must be carefully rinsed with water followed by gargling. The patient must be instructed not to swallow the water and spit it if required. The operation room must incorporate additional devices such as particulate air filters or evacuator to maintain clean air circulation in the room.

Hence, we recommend all dentists to be extra cautious before performing the removal of amalgam fillings and train their patients adequately to avoid any mishaps, mercury contamination or health hazards. Stay safe and healthy!…

Finding the best Specialist for dental implants in Scottsdale

If you are planning to get a dental implant, it is advisable that you consult a good and experienced specialist to put them on you. However, the real hassle will be in finding the best specialist to perform this surgery well as there are so many of them all over the place. Below are some useful tips that will help you out in your search for the best specialists to give you your new dental implants.Dental Implant 22


In order to find out the best dentist and dental clinic to seek these services from inĀ order to get the best and professional service, you must research well. This research will have to cover wide areas and aspects in order to sieve out the best among the many professional dentists you could be having in mind. For your research to be successful ensure that you conduct it online as it will be fast, easy and cheap. The second thing you must do is to make contact with the dentists you feel are the best in order to establish who among them will be your first choice.


Dental Implant 24It is possible to find a dentist of your choice by checking them out on business directories and listings. Again you will be expected to contact them and enquire about the services they offer as well as emails describing their experience levels in dealing with dental implants. This will help you gauge whether they are well experienced in handling cases that are almost similar to your condition and thus help you make your final decision.

Referrals and Reviews

If you do not have a clue on what to check out on the dentists who offer these services, it is advisable to ask from friends or colleagues. Ensure that the people you seek advice from having had the same implants that you wish to have fitted in order to get great referrals. Ensure that you also check the dentists out before you settle on them making sure to get as much information on them as possible from the parties that refer them to you.

It would also be important to check their websites out in order to read some of the customer reviews they get from Cosmetic Dentist 13past clients. If a particular dentist receives a lot of positive reviews, then that would be a great option to consider. This will be enough proof that their skills are great in what they do and that they treated their past clients well in order to earn the positive reviews in plenty.

All the above are some important tips to consider when looking to get a specialist to help you get dental implants in Scottsdale. If they are followed correctly, then one will be successful at landing both a great specialist and good dental implants in the end. All in all one should not risk their dental health by settling for a normal dental practitioner who has not specialized in this field.…