Importance of oral hygiene to the body

Cleaning your mouth and teeth on a daily basis is essential for your dental health and also that of the general body.  Your teeth play an important role in the body like facilitating the chewing and digestion process. Parents should help and encourage their children embrace good dental hygiene practices at an early age. It is advisable to have regular dental check ups to give a chance for further oral health examination from your dentist. Most people are reluctant to have regular check ups because they regard the dental care procedure as a costly affair although dental care centers. Below are reasons why oral hygiene is a fundamental element to general body health.

Reduced dangers of heart disease


Long term swelling caused by gum disease has been related to the emergence of several heart-related diseases, thrombosis or blockages of the veins and arteries.  Gum disease can trigger the bacteria to enter the blood circulation system which deposits fatty plaques that in the end cause blockages leading to heart attack. Research shows that people with gum disease who go untreated are more likely to experience heart attacks or blockage of the bloodstream.  It is therefore advisable to maintain good oral hygiene to reduce the risks of getting heart-related infections.

Uplifts one’s confidence

smile It is hard to smile in public or even associate with other people when one has stained teeth. Stained or decayed teeth may be accompanied with bad breath may cause one to shy off from others or even fear to air out their opinions in front of others. One should stick to proper dental hygiene practices and also be keen on the foods and beverages they consume daily which are also another cause of tooth discoloration. With white teeth and fresh breath, you can afford that smile and interact with people freely.

Ability to control blood sugar

The swelling of the gums or bacterial gum infections can weaken the capacity of the body to utilize the level of sugar in your veins. Patients with diabetes are highly advised to do their best and get rid of any gum related disease or infection. Proper treatment of gum related diseases coupled with the use of some recommended drugs boosts blood sugar levels in patients with diabetes. Your oral hygiene is key to the well being of your body so embrace a proper oral hygiene practice daily to live a healthy and happy life.