Dental Implant: The Many Benefits of this Tooth Replacement Method

Have someone knocked one of your teeth off? Or was it removed because of tooth decay? With the first case, you can have an emergency dentist to put it back. But when it’s too late, you may have consider a tooth replacement, like when a rotten tooth was extracted by a dentist.

Of course, you may not want to go with a missing tooth for long, especially when the missing tooth is a front tooth. Nowadays, you may not need to cover your mouth though when you smile, laugh, or talk. Indeed, a face mask that we are required to wear during these times of the pandemic will be extra useful to you to cover that missing tooth.

But tooth replacement is not all about aesthetics. With a dental implant on your missing tooth, you will be up for many benefits. Here are some of them.

Your Speech Will Improve

Cosmetic Dentist 13You may find it difficult to pronounce some words with a missing front tooth. Several English sounds depend on the teeth for proper articulation. These may include the ‘th,’ ‘f,’ and ‘v’ sound, among many. You may not be understood well by people you are to talking with.

In this case, a dental implant will improve your speech more than any other tooth replacement. This is because it is fixed and immovable like your natural teeth.

Eating Will Be More Comfortable

With a fallen tooth, you may find it hard to eat some of the foods that you usually enjoy. You may not be able to masticate what you are eating very well. In some cases, a missing tooth can also cause pain when eating. You may accidentally chew on a missing tooth which can be painful on your gums. With a dental implant, you may be able to eat with ease.

It Is Cost-Effective

At face value, a dental implant may look like it is more expensive than other tooth replacement methods. But when you choose a dental implant, you can be almost sure that it will last for a lifetime. This means that with proper care, you may not need to go for another procedure. It will also save other teeth as it will give stability. Indeed, you are sure to get your money’s worth with a dental implant.

You Get Back Your Self-Confidence

Again, a dental implant is better at returning your lost self-esteem. This is because a dental implant will feel and look like your natural tooth. With other tooth replacements, you may always have that feeling that it may fall anytime. It will also take longer to adapt to other tooth replacements.

While you can hide your missing tooth with a face mask, you should still go for a dental implant.

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