Boost Your Brainpower With Nootropics

Some studies reveal that human beings just use 10% of their brains. A lot of movies use this common canard to transform the ordinary characters into great brainiacs who solve complex math problems, learn languages, and control people using their minds. You can click here to get facts about these supplements. Although this might be a myth, there is evidence that nootropics can great improve a person’s mental function.

What are nootropics?

You may bnootropicse wondering how can greatness come in the form of a pill. If you use nootropics, you are not going to acquire supernatural, extraordinary mental abilities.  At their best, these are drugs meant to enhance working memory, attention, and motivation. This makes you smarter. There is minimal evidence that you can influence your IQ or turn it into some mastermind overnight.

Types of nootropics

They are sold as drugs, foods, or supplements. They are available in different classes, which can have cognitive benefits, including racetrams, nutraceuticals, and stimulants. Scientific studies on drugs range from non-existent to comprehensive. In this post, we discuss each type in the following paragraphs.


This is the most studied group of smart drugs. It is important to note that stimulants are used to treat patients who have a motor¬† and cognitive problems, which stem from disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, and ADHD. According to some medical reviews, you will find that stimulants can improve mental cognition, but should be administered in low concentrations or doses. Various drugs such as Adrafinil, Ritalin, Adderall, have been found to increase cognitive control, working memory, and alertness.


They are vitamins, minerals, herbs, and much more. These are known to provide medicinal and health benefits. They are quite popular in traditional Hindu and Chinese medicines. The common cognitive benefits include memory enhancement and accuracy and speed of recall. You will find these supplements to be very effective when they are used for extended periods.


These arRacetamse in most instances sold as over-the-counter drugs. They are known to have a broad range of applications. They are known to improve cognitive function without being stimulants or sedatives. Unfortunately, this given mechanism is not well-understood. It is easy to purchase these types of nootropics online.

Other nootropics

There are many types of nootropics, which cannot be classified in the above groups. This is because they do not belong there or they are yet to be tested to discover where they belong.